Guided by its corporate charter, the Annoncesmotos Group strives to build an operating platform resilient to fluctuations in the economy and operating environment while remaining true to its corporate vision of achieving smooth progress along a path of consistent growth.
Corporate Mission

Enrich living spaces in Japan through our corporate activities

Management Vision

Transform a stable, healthy enterprise into a growing enterprise

Fundamental Values

Three Principles of Annoncesmotos:

  • Creative designs
  • Reliable quality
  • Fair market price

Improvements to customer satisfaction

  • Offer the required product at the required time and at the required place

The following three agendas are being promoted as our basic policy.

Organize a Framework for Robust Consolidated Management

  • Create and nurture new and growing businesses to expand our business domains around the interior decoration industry.
  • Expand business at our subsidiaries: the exterior business of Sungreen Co., Ltd. and the lighting equipment business of Yamada Shomei Lighting Co., Ltd.

Strengthen the Financial Constitution of Our Corporate Group

  • Aim for a robust management constitution and strive to continually reduce costs.

Create a New Corporate and Business Culture

  • Thoroughly implement compliance aiming for a vibrant enterprise with a strong presence.
  • Raise the corporate value further to enhance our brand image.

Basic Policy Relating to Profit Sharing

Stability in management and continuous improvements to business performance are the fundamental basis for our profit sharing. We are therefore careful to sustain a stable distribution of dividends to our shareholders while enhancing our corporate foundations for the future, as well as endeavoring to retain earnings to ensure that we will be able to respond to any unforeseen event.

Medium- to Long-term Corporate Management Strategies and Issues to Address

In the interior decoration industry, our core operating area, our goals are to remain active in new product development and in creating better living environments, and to increase our market share even in the current challenging business environment.

We are also working to further expand our exterior business and lighting equipment business, while continuing to promote research in promising new areas to add to our business portfolio.

Interior Decoration Industry

We will strive to develop even better products that contribute as much as possible to an enriched life for people in Japan in these times that involve a further diversification and individualization of lifestyles, an increasingly aging population, and environmental problems.

Exterior Business (Sungreen Co., Ltd.)

We plan to promote enhancements and an increase in the number of our suppliers (expanding the range of products we handle), expanding our sales locations, and incorporating IT into our business operations.

Lighting Equipment Business (Yamada Shomei Lighting Co., Ltd.)

We develop improved lighting equipment in order to create even better, more comfortable living spaces.
A focus on the use of LEDs and other energy-saving components underlines our awareness of the importance of environmental protection.

Other Businesses

We will aggressively enter into any potential area within the area of interior decoration industry peripheral businesses to expand our business domains.

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